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July 2018:
For the consumer:
Drugs containing valsartan were pulled from market in 22 countries due to potential contamination with potential carcinogen NDMA.
For the provider:

FDA requires labeling changes for fluoroquinolones. The most recent warning: Fluoroquinolones can cause significant decreases in blood sugar and certain mental health side effects.

Resource Material

Alzheimer's Desease affects 1 out of 8 people age 65 and older. This Quick Guide for Patients and Caregivers outlines important facts about Alzheimer's Disease, Common Medications, Medical Conditions associated with Alzheimer's Disease and Medications to Watch For and Use with Caution in Alzheimer’s Disease, and more.
Alzheimer's, A Quick Guide for Patients and Caregivers.

What is warfarin for? How does it work? How should it's use be monitored? What are the side effects?
These and many more questions are addressed in the Warfarin (Coumadin®) Patient Information sheet.
Warfarin Information...

Anticholinergics are drugs that block the action of a substance in our body called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a chemical messenger that helps certain cells in our body communicate with each other, specifically cells in our involuntary muscles like our gastrointestinal tract, lungs, urinary tract, and other areas.
Anticholinergic Information...

What is Gout? What Causes Gout? This insightful piece helps the reader understand the basics of gout and provides management tips.
Gout Information...