The Polypharmacy Network

About us

The Polypharmacy Network (PN) was created by a group of concerned citizens. This group came together because of the desire to take action to support empowerment of all for successful medication use.

The term "medication" here at the PN, includes prescription medications, over the counter medications, herbal products and supplements.

The group is a diverse group of people including an administrative professional, wellness advocate, medication use and health care experts (physician, therapist, pharmacist), public and private sector stake holders (representing perspectives including employers, education, manufacturing, care industry, and others), concerned parents and medication use consumers (note: all are medication consumers but the PN founding group includes several people whose main perspective is that of the individual medication use consumer).

PN is a non-profit organization that will provide a place for exchange of ideas and perspectives about medication, supplements and herbal product use in light of the unprecedented growing phenomenon of polypharmacy. PN will provide a place for all stake holders to enhance success in medication use.

Inclusion of all stake holders has a special meaning in the PN. We mean ALL stake holders. During the early formation of the PN, people often commented that the Pharma Industry would be a powerful counter stake holder to PN. This is far from the reality of the PN vision: the Pharma industry (including all medication, supplement and herbals industries), deserve to have a place to work directly with diverse stake holders for improved use of their products. The more all stake holders understand medication use, the safer the products on the market will be for consumption. PN is a place where Pharma can share perspectives with stake holders and stake holders can share with Pharma directly. This is one example illustrating that PN seeks to support exchange of perspectives and understanding for all stake holders ranging from the business of medication creation and use, to individual consumers.

Initially the PN content and conversation will be hosted by this early group, but the goal of the PN as a group, is to develop inclusive leadership, to voice and share perspectives of diverse stake holders.

In time, the resources PN provides will grow in content, diversity and perspective!