The Polypharmacy Network

The Polypharmacy Network (PN) is a non-profit organization committed to empowering successful medication use for all.

PN’s empowerment framework is built on the belief that sharing of knowledge and perspectives on medication use leads to success for all. We invite all stake holders in medication use to participate in PN’s platform to improve medication use for all. * See how to participate below!

Medication use is a highly individualized part of modern life. No two people, have the same perspective on medication use. Additionally, no two stake holder groups have the same perspective. See Figures 1 and 2.

The Polypharmacy Network aims to provide a hub for the exchange of medication use perspectives, to help each of us help each other.

Figure 1: Different people have different perspectives; even about the same medication.
This example illustrates potential differences in perspectives regarding a common over the counter medication.

By sharing perspectives, Polypharmacy Network will share knowledge, understanding, experiences and solutions to help meet the needs of diverse stake holders.

People’s perspectives result from a combination of factors: understanding of risks and benefits, goals and needs, healthcare system interactions, access to medications and consultation, time, marketing, support for medication use, and more.

Sharing of perspectives will help all of us understand where all stake holders involved with medication use are coming from. In turn, sharing and exchange of thoughts can help each of us, help each other, with medication use.

Figure 2: Different stake holder groups have different perspectives.
This example illustrates the potential exchange of perspectives regarding antidepressant use.

The Polypharmacy Network is a platform that helps different stake holders get answers to questions, share lessons learned and share perspectives often unappreciated by all. PN hopes to help fill the gaps in medication use empowerment for all.

The Polypharmacy Network

Participate in the Polypharmacy Network

*Click the “contact us” tab and submit your polypharmacy (medication use) story. Our editorial board will review your submission and your contribution will help guide our exchange of ideas!

Submissions may be edited while trying to keep to the main points such as “lessons learned” and the “value” in sharing your discussion. The PN editorial board is growing in number but starts with a core group of experts in medication use including non-healthcare stake holders. (i.e. consumers like all of us!).

By submitting a topic for the PN website, you must agree that PN may post your topic and/or theme for open source use**. PN may not be held responsible for any unanticipated undesirable effects of your submission.

**PN will “de-identify” your information (will not reveal your information such as name, specific location, age, and other protected information). The goal is to highlight medication topics and not to reveal any personal information. PN is dedicated to sharing information while keeping appropriate boundaries on personal information and privacy.

PN’s editorial board will provide other stake holder perspectives including healthcare experts and the perspective of stake holders such as employers, government agencies (DMV for example), or whatever diverse stake holder perspectives are relevant that we can obtain.

In the near future, the PN aims to launch robust stake holder discussions in real time fashion to facilitate exchange of medication use information.